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Meet our Product Manager for Supply Products, Sue Orr.
Meet Sue – Sue Orr has been working with Gaylord supply products since 1992. As a product manager, Sue plays a critical role in designing and developing new products, as well as ensuring the quality of the existing supplies we manufacture and sell. Supplies Your Way – Gaylord also offers a variety of customizable supply products, including ID cards and key tags, labels and signage, designed to meet your unique requirements.
If you have a request for a special supply product or a suggestion about a product design, Sue wants to know. "If there's anything that would enhance or improve your everyday tasks, we can make it happen." Send Sue Your Supply Wish List > Receive a free 2011 Reference Catalog. Order Now >
Sue suggests Gaylord® Santa Fe Book Supports. Sue suggests Gaylord® Bookcraft® Tape. Sue suggests Gaylord® Classification Label Combos.
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